Black zipper wallet - loaded

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IMG_3922 copy.jpg

Black zipper wallet - loaded


This wallet was a thrift shop find by Silas. Black leather, clear front pocket, zipper closure.

We've filled it with the following items from the My Wallet set:
– Kid's Credit Card
– Kid's Library Card
– Kid's Children's Museum Membership Card
– Kid's Driver's License Card
– Kid's Art Museum Membership Card
– Kid's Zoo Membership Card
– Kid's Play Mobile Phone Card
– My Wallet Booster Pack Tyvek receipt, photo strip, grocery list and concert ticket

The SO Awesome cards are printed on non-toxic plastic with safe ink and coatings, durable and safe for little hands and mouths. Hole-punched. Fits in standard US wallets. Made in the USA. The cards are safety tested and approved for all ages.

Disclaimer: this wallet is not manufactured by SO Awesome, it's previously owned/gently used. It may contain small parts, magnets, and other items and is not safety tested. purchase at your own risk. The entire set is recommended for ages 3 and up.

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