These awesome card decks are beautifully-designed (which appeals to the Montessorian in me) and non-toxic. The fact that they have educational information, like numbers, letters and shapes is just the cherry on top! If you have a young toddler, they will love this. Guaranteed.
— Stephanie Woo, Montessori On The Double
I just wanted to say thank you. I stumbled across your cards at a local toy store earlier this summer and snatched up the emotions set instantly. My 5yo daughter was adopted out of US foster care, and she has PTSD from her early childhood experiences. She struggles with lots of random triggers and has a hard time communicating when that happens. Your deck of emotions cards has been such an amazing tool for her.
— Samantha, Mother
Emotion Cards
The cards are sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and promote lots of creative play besides reinforcing phonics.
— Meg McElwee, Sew Liberated
My kids are in love and so am I. So much that I’m considering marrying them. They chewed, pointed, poked and threw these cards until my oldest learned most of the shape names! I would absolutely recommend these, especially for visual learners.
— Emma Dillon
I received my order today (bundle) and was impressed! The cards are beautiful, high-quality, and beautiful (yeah, it’s very pretty). The bags are cute, and the booster envelop is a surprise! The hand-written note is a very nice touch for a well-thought package. You have a new fan!
— Long Lé
Swift delivery, high quality products, handwritten, private message and some bonus notes and tickets. You know how to make your users happy! Keep up the good work!
— Harald, Father from Norway
These are the best kinds of products we’re all looking for – made by parents for their own children, inspired by their children, in collaboration with wonderful illustrators and artists, safe, beautiful and manufactured locally and responsibly.
— Olive, Mr. Printables
Truly a huge asset: every nice toy we own has been dirtied, licked, dented, torn. I don’t think you could break these if you tried. And if you do lick them, nothing bad will happen to you, or to your child.
— Amy, Pomelo Blog
He has not put them down since I opened the package. THANK YOU!
— Kristin Rider
I received my super bundle pack in the mail last week. They are absolutely beautiful! I’m so impressed with the way they ‘grow’ with the child. So much to learn! I had ordered these to give as Christmas gifts to my nephews but I’ll be ordering some more for my kiddos.
— Sarah Dault
Everything including the money is extremely durable and can withstand the drooling, biting, stomping and attempts to rip them in half by a 2 year old.
— Cheryl, Along Came Kids
The stuff you’ve created is amazing. I’m in love with your products. THANK YOU.
— Vera Radchenko
If you are looking for some hands on, early educational items for those little hands, these are truly amazing. Everly could sit and play with them for hours on end. They are also great teething toys ;) Silas loves to get his hands and mouth on these cards too! Which is perfectly fine because the plastic cards are extremely durable and non-toxic for even the smallest children to play with. These cards are pretty much indestructible!
— Brianna, Urban Cub
You guys really are SO awesome.
— Laura Hudson, Momma

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