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We're a family of artists, designers and free spirits. Our little company is named SO Awesome!

Silas, Marie-Claire, Owen

I'm the momma. My name is Marie-Claire Camp, I used to be a full-time graphic designer here in Grand Rapids, MI. In 2009, I quit my job to prepare for the next evolution of my life, motherhood. Little did I know that twins were part of that evolution! Owen and Silas, fraternal twin boys are now four years old and have changed everything I thought I knew about parenting, life and work.

Marie-Claire Camp

My boys were the inspiration for our "Wallet Cards" as they both call them. They love playing with the cards in my wallet, especially my important cards like my credit, debit and driver's license... and I couldn't afford to have those lost or broken at the hands of twin toddlers while in line at the grocery store. So I first gave them empty gift cards, and old membership cards to play with, and they LOVED them. But they all were made out of PVC or mystery plastics that I just didn't feel comfortable with them teething on them and being exposed to on a frequent basis.

Around the time of their first birthday, I thought about designing some non-toxic, credit card-style cards for them to play with that offered some educational benefit. I wrote, researched and thought for about how to source the right materials, how to produce them, what should go on each one, and how to fund the idea. 

Silas, Marie-Claire and Owen

I submitted my idea to several big publishing and toy companies, hoping to get the idea picked up, but several months later, I heard NOTHING. I shook it off, and went with my "Plan B", Kickstarter.

I started my Kickstarter campaign on July 30, 2012 and was successfully funded (at 112%) on August 31, 2012. I had completed art, design, production and fulfillment of our first 1000 decks of cards. 

After all those decks sold out, I started a second Kickstarter campaign with four new sets of cards and a reprint of the alphabet deck too. That was successfully funded as well (at 110%) on March of 2013.

In 2015 we printed even more decks. All eight decks of cards are available to purchase here on our website as well as in the 40+ toy stores, gift shops and museum shops.

Silas, Marie-Claire and Owen

Our cards are used in classrooms, in homes, therapy centers, and in libraries all over the globe.

Owen and Silas attend a local Montessori school here in Grand Rapids. They are shy, silly, and try their best at being graceful and courteous. 

They continue to inspire and influence everything about our business. As they grow and charge, our little business follows suit.


Thanks and Cheers!




Marie-Claire Camp

P.S. The "S" is for Silas, the "O" is for Owen... "SO" Awesome.

Silas's bunny drawing