My Wallet Resources

The My Wallet set is built for little people with big imaginations. The wallet and the cards and money in it were designed to mimic those found in adults wallets, and offer hours of pretend play. Count money and arrange the cards in and out of the wallet, enjoy playing store together.

Here are some other ideas:


Ages 0 - 3

Have child lay out all the cards and money, then return each to their places in the wallet.

Ages 3 - 6

Use wallet, cards and play money in play shopping experiences. Set up a little store with some things to "sell" and take turns buying, bagging up and teaching shop etiquette. Take turns saying things like "Welcome to my shop!" or "That will be two dollars please." or "Thank you for stopping by! Have a nice day!"

Ages 6 and up

Work on making change together.  

All ages

Consider simple ways for children to earn actual money at home. Consider starting four jars to separate your money, Save, Spend, Give and Invest. Talk about where the money will go at the end of the month.


Rainy day? Print out these pdfs on your home printer, practice using scissors and glue-sticks together: 

Links and Books


We hope you feel inspired to play together today.

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