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Children's House Wallet Cards

Our House deck is fun for all ages! Artist Adrianne Adelle invites you to take a peek inside a mudroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, child's room, bathroom, garage and more! Flip the card over for a collection of items you can find in each room. A tiny surprise is hiding on each card, can you and your child find it? 

Here are some suggestions for working with your House deck:


Ages 0 - 3 

You can find the tiny items on the back of the cards and tap them and say the name of the item. Then turn the card over and find the item in the room. Tap it again and take turns saying the name of the item. Find similar items in your rooms, and point them out together. 

Age 3 - 6 

Walk around your neighborhood and look for a house that is similar to the cover of the card set. Talk about the parts of the house that you see together. Point out porches gables, windows, doors, steps or walkways, gardens and trees you see, and how houses in your neighborhood are small or large, one, two or three story homes, apartment buildings, duplexes and other kinds of homes. 

Or, flat on a table or the floor, arrange the cards similar to your rooms in your house. Draw a picture of a room that may be missing from the deck, like a laundry room or a siblings bedroom.

Age 6 and up

Here is where your older child can use their imagination to tell a story about the things in a room. Challenge them to use everything on the card in their story.  Language development can be fun using these cards. Look for over, under, beside, near above, below, etc. and have them make a map of a room and highlight all of the items that are above something, or below something. 


Books we like about houses and homes

• Home by Carson Ellis
• Houses Scholastic First Discovery Books
• Building Our House by Jonathan Bean (an exceptional book!)
• How a House Is Built by Gail Gibbons
• Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty 
• Richard Scarry’s Best Giant Word Book Ever, Richard Scarry
• See Inside Houses Long Ago, Usborne See Inside

Apps and videos we recommend

• Toca Boca's iOS app, Toca House
• Tinybop's iOS app, Homes

• Video on how Nomads put together a Ger (or Yurt) 
• Video on how to build an igloo (BBC) 

More about the developmental needs of your child, and working with or without our deck:

Your home is the first world your child explores. As a young child begins to focus and sees light and hears sounds around her, her memories begin to expand. The home is an important part of every young child's development. 

Your child has an inborn need to place himself within his environment- that becomes his internal map and guide. As your child explores, first on hands and knees, and soon on toddler terms, he becomes aware of hallways, stairs, closets, kitchens, dining rooms, family room spaces and the contents of shelves, cabinets, drawers and containers in those rooms.

Certain items belong in certain places and this deck shares the exploration and begins to develop an awareness of order. The contents of these rooms are displayed in a way that invites the young child to become familiar with common household language. 

Building with blocks is a wonderful hands-on activity to engage all children in creative space-making. Perhaps you build your own house or a place for your dolls or toys to live. Work together and get creative with each room! 


We hope you feel inspired to play together today!

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