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Come along with your child as they discover each card's action and learn more about the power of words! Shapes become symbols and keys for the child to help them remember the functions of words.

Will you be able to guess what they are doing when even the youngest readers can find the red circle words on each card and act them out for you?


Ages 0 - 3

Take a look at the fronts of the cards together. Talk about what’s happening in the picture. "That's a kayak! Does it look like Grandpa?" Create stories about what you think might be happening in the picture. "I think they're going shopping for a present for Father's Day. What do you think?"

Ages  3 - 6

Point to the nouns in each picture together (a person, place or or a thing) e.g. "Bike" "Road” “Mountain”. Then start to talk about the verbs (actions) in each picture , “run”, “skate”, "swim"

Talk about your favorite things to do outside together, and talk about the interesting ways each person is moving around. "I've always wanted to learn to scuba dive!" or "We have bikes. Should we go out for a ride?"

Ages 6 and up

Identify the functions of words in sentences together, consider a "Grammar Farm" -like activity. Use objects in each card to identify and develop grammar awareness. Check out our Printable resource sheets below for working on each sentence. 

All ages

Go outside! Get moving!


These pdf are meant to act as companion worksheets for children who are learning parts of speech (functions of words). The cards and worksheets utilize Montessori grammar symbols.


We also have the "Hunting for Verbs Printable" featured in our 2014 blog post of same name.

Download it here (pdf)


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We hope you feel inspired to play together today.

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