Color & Shape Resources

Our Color & Shape deck connects young children to nature and the world around them. You and your child will enjoy these little cards as the names of colors and shapes begin to become more familiar and connections are discovered around your home and neighborhood. 

Here are some suggestions for working with your Color & Shape deck:


Ages 0 - 3 

Explore your environment and name colors, or shapes found all around you.

Ages 3 - 6 

Take a trip to the hardware store and collect paint chips to match your Color & Shape cards. Or work together to cut and paste images from old magazines.

Ages 6 and up

Create an album of photographs of architectural shapes. National Geographic or home style or home improvement magazines have some great images. 

Go on a color hunt with your camera, start with red, then move through the color spectrum together. Talk about ROY G. BIV and rainbows. 

All ages

Painting together. Finger painting with small ones, watercolor with ones who can handle a two-step processes on wetting the brush and collecting color on the tip.


Printable companion resource sheets for you and your littles! 

Links and books we like about colors and shapes

Videos and Apps


We hope you feel inspired to play together today.

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