Children's Emotion Wallet Cards are here!

Silas looking at the Emotions deck

This gorgeous new deck features 36 photographs and 36 illustrations of children’s faces, each with a unique emotion. A indispensable new tool for beginning your family’s social-emotional learning together.

Not only does this deck introduce children to the wide range of human emotions, it helps start discussions about our children’s feelings, our feelings as parents and the feelings of others. The most extraordinary component to this deck is the inclusion that emotions have purpose, they are signals of an opportunity or a threat.

We’ve colored coded and organized the 36 cards to correspond to psychologist Robert Plutchik's "Wheel of Emotions”, below which categorizes emotions into eight categories: joy, trust, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger and anticipation.

Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

Robert Plutchik’s theory (in a nutshell) is that there are no bad or good emotions, they all serve a valuable purpose in our relations with others. 

They are not labeled “sad” or “happy” outright, they are simply numbered.

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These cards can be used as a learning tool in homes, schools and therapy centers. Families may also use them in a less structured capacity, where individual play is allowed to dictate the cards' functions.

Deck photography by Rhiannon McCalmont, Illustrations by Marie Thorhauge. Their work is stunning. We simply cannot put these cards down!

About Wallet Cards:
– Irresistible card format (mimics material and feeling of a credit card) 
– Extremely durable, stands up against bites and tears
– Non-toxic, bpa & phthalate free (third party tested and approved for all ages)
– Educational, grows with your child
– Easy to attach to a backpack, diaper bag strap

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