Fun with Children's House Wallet Cards

Now that school's out for the Summer, we find ourselves with vast amounts of unstructured time on our hands. Our house started getting a bit rowdy recently, so Silas, Owen and I sat down together and thought up some fun things to do with our new Children's House Wallet Card set. Here are three ideas:


A saved lossage tin holds a House Wallet Card as a fun backdrop. If you're anything like us, you have tiny things in your house (Lego bins, old Micromachine collections, Schleich animals and other fun miniatures) to fill your tin.


A small drawer organizer acts as a high-rise to hold three cards. The boys enjoyed having the man climb the ladder to each room, putting in new rooms, and finding objects in our home to match the object in the rooms of the "Tall House".


An 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper, a triangular cut for the roof, and a yellow cut for the chimney makes for a quick and fun brick "structure" for your child to layout a house within. Clear off the dining room table or make space on the floor to allow your Little to lay everything out.

Your Little can make their house or a house of a friend or a family member. Together you can talk about the similarities and differences between your own home and rooms and the cards. 

Thanks for reading! We hope you'll be inspired to play together today.  

Please write in with some of your Children's House Wallet Card ideas! We'll share them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We love to see your smiling faces!