Children's House Wallet Cards

They're here!

It’s been a busy month behind the scenes here at SO Awesome. We have some big news for you: the House deck has been produced and is available to purchase! Get your House deck here! 

AND For every House deck that's purchased in the first 24 hours, we'll be donating a House deck to D.A. Blodgett  "Homes and hope for Children since 1887". Make a difference with your purchase today! Order yours here.

So, how did we do this? 

Well, as you may know, our Kickstarter funding was unsuccessful, but we didn't let it get us down. We had a HUGE order of cards last month and were able to piggyback the House deck on that re-print run. That means, the House deck is HERE


Of course, Silas and Owen got the first copies here in our house. This weekend, we grabbed a few shots of some play suggestions and some ideas that the boys thought of as well, we'll be posting more of those soon. 

Printable companion sheets are on their way, but while you're waiting, check out our House board on Pinterest! We've been secretly pinning for month in preparation, hopefully you'll find something there that interests you!

House: Illustrated by Michigan-native, Adrianne Adelle

Adrianne is the first local illustrator we've commissioned to date. 

Forever a child at heart she spends most of her time contemplating cuteness, the necessity of friendly monsters, and what it is exactly that grizzly bears dream about while deep in their slumberous state. 

Adrianne's work can be seen in books, educational apps, greeting cards, and even adorning apparel for toddlers and young girls! And now in wallet-sized cards for little people! 

She's done an incredible job with this deck and I'm so glad she's now a part of the SO Awesome illustration family.

Here's the link again to purchase the new deck. Thanks for believing in us and for following along.