Blue Ocean Valentines

The boys really wanted to make Valentine cards for the kids in their class using watercolors. We were looking through our Color & Shape card deck at the watercolor art from Nomoco and we came across the blue card, Owen's favorite color. He said, "What about blue ocean valentines?" and we all agreed that that was a perfect idea. 

We took a trip to Target and walked through the $1 aisle, the toy aisle, and at all the Valentines in the seasonal area. We were feeling down-hearted when we couldn't find any options for candy or toys when we saw the Terra By Battat animals on the end cap. We saw a little canister of ocean animals and all jumped up and down together in the aisle. 

We got home and cut up some light blue papers for the card part, and began work on the watercolor parts. Silas wanted to paint water but didn't want to do all 20 cards just with blue, and I thought about working with a stencil for faster "production" and consistency.

I grabbed a plastic sheet left over from a self-sealing lamination pouch and cut out a wave design. 

We tested it together and loved the results. 

We painted enough for all the kids in both classes, and the teachers too. 

Then we used a our hot glue gun to put the sea creatures on each card. The boys' favorite part!

Then we froze! We had no idea what to write! "Happy Valentine's Day... from the ocean?" We took a break and came back the next day.

We looked on Pinterest, on google for ideas and discovered the majority of Valentine cards are either puns or plays on words, and thought we really needed some too!

I wrote the goofy ocean-themed puns, the boys wrote their names. 

And we're done! Two days later and $7.99 in ocean animals, we have 44 cool, handmade, candy-free valentines.