Music in our home

I like playing music at home. Personally, I find it makes playing, working, and doing chores much more enjoyable. I also notice that the boys are much more engaged in playing, more focused on work, a little more independent, a little more pleasant. There's no scientific evidence to support this, it's just my personal observation.

Here's our two most-played HOME playlist on Pandora:
• Life of Leisure Radio (inspired by the theme song to Portlandia)
• Fleet Foxes Radio (because I like particularly this station and it's chill)

I'm also known to play Sufjan StevensAndrew Bird, and Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson.

Why Pandora for our house? Because we like variety, and the boys like to "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" songs (if we ALL agree that it's not a good song). Our older iPad is basically a Pandora player and stays plugged into our speakers. The boys know how to start the music themselves, they love having a little bit of control over what we listen to. 

When we need some serious indoor wiggle time, we turn on Motown radio on Pandora for a little dance party.

Here's our CAR playlist on Spotify. It's a little silly and mostly all sing-along-songs. As you can see we like Caspar Babypants.
Check it out here:
• You Guys Are So Awesome station. 
I've also embedded a Spotify player too.

I have never played this Spotify playlist at home, I rarely play silly songs at home. I find that if I do, I'll notice the boys will stop playing, reading and working and just stand and stare towards the iPad to make sure they're not missing a single beat of the song. 

I'll also find that if a silly song is playing and they're trying to focus on work, the'll get very agitated that the music (even if it's something they like) is distracting them. They'll ask to change the station.

Our stations are overall pleasant, have a wide variety of voices, musical instruments, styles and moods. 

They find comfort and familiarity in our stations on Pandora at home. If it's very quiet in the house, you may hear Silas or Owen say, "We need some music." or "We lost our music, can I choose the next station?" when there's a Pandora timeout.

If you don't necessarily like our choices on our playlists, check out this list from for some variety. 

And be sure to tell us what you DO listen to at home with your kids. How does what you listen to affect you and your children? What do you notice?

How about your favorite tunes in the car? Let's hear it!