Silas and Owen's handmade bunny holiday gifts

BunBuns for everyone on our list!

We finally wrapped up our handmade holiday presents. Owen and Silas wanted to make something soft and cute for presents this year, and decided on pompom bunnies. They call them "BunBuns". Here's a finished BunBun.

pompom bunny

And here's Owen with the final bunnies in their gift bag "hutches".

Owen with our Holiday BunBuns

We made 15 total bunnies, five white, five grey and five brown. So that meant 30 total pompoms, as each bunny needed a head and body. I searched the web for shortcuts to making pompoms and found this helpful blog post

making pompoms
making pompoms

We decided to shortcut a few things as we had such a high volume of bunnies to make. Instead of sewing them together, I took a leap of faith and let the boys use our craft glue gun. We talked at length about safety and tools first of course, and they did really well. 

Owen using the hot glue gun
Making pompom bunnies
Silas with our first bunbun

The boys sorted out black beads for the eyes, pink beads for the noses, complete with whiskers. 

Once all the bunnies were assembled, whiskers attached, and ribbons tied, the boys thought they needed something to nibble on.


And of course, a home too. I had white gift bags and a roll of screen (leftover from a door repair) to make a little window for the bunnies.

Bunnies in their hutches

All done! Bunnies for the USPS letter carrier, Mimi, Gruncle, Oma, Figgy, Precious Karen...

Bunnies all done
Deluxe bunny hutch

Of course we had to make a deluxe bunny hutch for our own bunnies too! Complete with a ramp, second level and holiday lights.

Owen added a little radio for the bunnies to listen to Christmas music too. So sweet!

It was a lot of work to make bunny gifts for everyone, but we're proud of our little BunBuns. We know they're going to good homes.