Traveling with Toddlers

Victor and I flew with our twins (Silas and Owen) first when they were one year old and again when they were two years old. Both times, Victor and I were present to take turns caring for them on the plane, which was essential.

Here are some of our favorite carry-on items for the boys that kept us afloat:

Traveling with Toddlers

Besides patience, wipies, sippy cups, changes of clothes and snacks, here are those few simple objects:

Clear bag

A clear bag
(or a series of ziploc baggies!)
We were gifted two little clear backpacks for the boys that were incredibly helpful. A clear view made a huge difference when locating items. 

Schleich deer

A few NEW small toys
I trip to a local toy shop for a few new small toys was a very smart move. Playmobil, Schleich, Lego, Matchbox were great choices. Before we left, I took them out of their bulky retail packaging and hid them in my bag. See next for how we leaked them out to the boys.

tiny paper bags

Tiny paper bags
On our way out the door (to the airport), I grabbed a package of tiny paper bags. Thank goodness I did! In the airport, I secretly put those new toys into these bags and presented them at key stress points in our trip. After the boys gleefully opened them on the plane, the tiny bags acted as houses and caves for the toys formerly inside. 

Washi tape

Washi tape
We taped up little packages for them, taped toys to the seats in front of us, made our hands into lint collectors... that roll of tape was a lifesaver. 

Crayola Twistables


"Twistables" crayons (not a sponsor)
The boys have never enjoyed drawing with regular crayons, I'm not sure if it's the texture, the imperfect line quality, the format... but they love these twistable crayons. We drew in SkyMall Magazine, colored on the tiny paper bags, on our flight passes. No mess, just fun.

And last but not least, our very own Children's Wallet Cards. To be fair, we hadn't yet started this company, SO Awesome, at the time we flew with the boys. So technically the cards weren't there for us on our trip (when we so desperately could have used them!).

One of the reasons why I started this company was the huge need for toys that travel well.

Our My Wallet set makes an amazing travel companion. It comes with a handy ring so you can clip it on to the outside of your child's backpack or a diaper bag too! 

My Wallet Set

For a fun addition, this year we released the Children's Public Wallet Cards set! Featuring nine international transit cards that mimic the real ones found in each city. London, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, Chicago, New York, Boston and Los Angeles! Each card has a scannable QR code linking to a fun page on our site about the city too! Super fun.

We ended up having two magical trips to California. In addition to planning, patience, flexibility (and hand wipes), packing well played a big role! Hopefully your next family trip goes as well as ours did. 

Happy traveling from SO Awesome!