Montessori By Mom, an Interview (and Coupon Code)

This week we're giving some attention to some new kids on the block (just like us!) Nathan and Teresa from Montessori By Mom

Montessori by Mom provides "Tools and Resources To Help You Bring Montessori Home".  Offering high-quality, themed boxes of Montessori Materials. 

Teresa is a former AMS-trained Montessori teacher and Nathan has a background in education and administration. 

I virtually sat down with Nathan, co-owner of Montessori by Mom to find out a little bit more about them and their budding new business

Here goes!

Marie-ClaireHi Nathan! Please tell us a little about Montessori by Mom.

Nathan: We started with the goal to make Montessori more accessible. Our main service is our Montessori Toolboxes, which have hours and hours of Montessori inspired activities, instruction videos, and all the materials you need. Originally they were all designed for parents, but many schools and daycares use them too. We are working on a service specialized to help schools. We are also adding quality printables and more Montessori compatible items on our store. We have some really big plans and plenty of dreams.

There are so many ways we want to help people get to know Montessori!

MC: That's awesome! Could you please tell us a little about when and what got you started?

N: We just started Feb 2014. For a young company we are growing fast and so excited that we have been able to help so many people. It was actually dog food that first gave us the idea. I read about a company that sent a monthly package and thought, "you could do anything as a subscription." That's when the light bulb went on!

MC: We subscribe to a few boxes here at our house, organic food, shaving gear for my husband, toys for the boys. It's always a treat! How do you find the things you put in your boxes? 

N: Designing our Toolboxes is fun, but a lot of work. Every month Teresa and I lock ourselves in the office for 3 days. We start planning our Toolboxes based off a theme, activity, or product we like. Our February theme, Movement and Motion, is based around the GO! Cards. We fell in love the moment we got our hands on them. From there we came up with activities that fit that theme and then try to find a supplier to get the items we are looking for. Actually finding the supplier can be the hardest part. We are amazed how different each of our Toolboxes are--they never come out quite as we expect.

MC: We're so excited to be included in your box in February! Thank you for letting us be a part of your offering. Now that we know what crunch time looks like, what does an average day look like for you both?

N: There really is no average day, because it seems like there is always a new challenge. You are never bored running your own business! In a singe day I may do marketing, work on the finances, move inventory around, talk with subscribers on the phone, ship out orders, fix code on our website, and more. The one thing I do EVERY day is email... I would love a day without email. 

MC: I know the feeling Nathan. Thank you so much for virtually sitting down with us today to tell us a little bit about your and Teresa's work.

N: Thank you so much!

Nathan and Teresa have generously provided a coupon code for $10 off YOUR first month's box at Montessori by Mom! Here's the link to their site


And just a note, the cutoff date to subscribe to the GO! box is January 30th. Get your box today filled with lovely goodies and activities for the little people in your life.