Silas and Owen are twins and they are four years old. We currently co-sleep with them and we have co-slept with them since they were one month old. We rarely tell people that we co-sleep, but when we do we get eyebrows. Those eyebrows. 

They don’t have their own bedroom. We never created a nursery for them. They slept in a little basket for a month, then they refused to sleep there so we all slept together in our big bed. You may be making those eyebrows right now. But that’s how everyone got sleep.

Here they are on their sixth day on earth in their little basket.

We don't have any pictures of us snoozing in our bedroom in it's current state, usually because we keep it dark and calm. And it's also filled with laundry. And cats. 

Any how, after visiting some other families’ homes, the boys now are interested in their own room. A big boy room. We have a room available for them, and it’s painted an amazing dark grass green with white borders. 

They would share the room together, each having their own bed and their own space to be them now that they’re “big”.

We knew this day would come. So now that’s fast-approaching, we’re planning together.  

Silas has a loose theme (of his choice): “soft things” and “tents”. Owen just wants “Legos”. All things Legos for Owen all the time.

Here are some of our inspiration images from our Pinterest boardAll images here are linked with their original poster via Pinterest. These images are not ours, they are for inspiration only.

They both love the idea of a moon, stars, and a soft brown carpet. We already have a teepee, and a closet ready to be transformed into a book nook.

There’s been a bit of a discussion about floor beds vs. bunk beds. But for now, we’re sticking with floor beds. Owen is an active sleeper and will often roll over to cuddle with Papa in the night. Silas mostly stays in one place, but occasionally, I’ll wake to find him curled up across the room with a pile of un-folded laundry. 

And while part of me is thrilled to have our bed back, I’m also a bit sad to see that season of our life come to a close. I will miss the cuddles, the tiny rising and falling chests, the sighs, all the lovely sleeping we’ve been doing.

I’m sure there will be times where they come back in. There will be times when they need help to use the bathroom, or when are sick, scared, lonely or confused.

For now, we're all planning together for them to have their own space, their own place to become independent boys. Free from eyebrows, but still full of cuddles.