Calling all Facebookers, I'm applying for a Mission Main Street grant from Chase for SO Awesome and I really need your votes!


Please vote between now and October 17, 2014. Here's the link to vote:

I've been primarily a one-woman show as far as planning and every day operations. And I run SO Awesome out of my home office-studio.

I'm applying for this grant so I can make some pretty exciting expansions to the business, including:  

1.  Production of next six decks of cards (6 decks, seriously!)

2.  Hire sales representatives in United States, UK and Australia

3.  Production of new retail packaging and retail displays  

4.  Hire a business assistant to properly handle fulfillment, client communications 

5.  Regularly attend toy and education trade shows

6.  Hire consultants, specialists and special needs educators for our new decks

And a few more secret projects too! I'm ready to grow and make even cooler things for our children.

Please take a second to vote, I could really use your help! Please note that Chase requires you to have a Facebook profile in order to vote. 

Thank you!