Last week, I had the privilege of attending Playtime New York, a small, precious and wonderfully curated international children's trade show. Playtime also happens in Paris and Tokyo.

There were approximately 140 vendors in this particular show, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in the Chelsea area of New York City.

Playtime is made up of primarily children's clothing exhibitors. There are some accessories, toys, cloth dolls and toys, and shoes there as well. 

Here are my fingers and toes, happy to be waiting in the queue to enter the show with my meal ticket, goody bag and silly-boys business cards. 

Ooo! I'm in!

Some exhibitors from this edition included Oeuf, Herschel, Akid Shoes, Plan Toys, Lately Lily, Coq en Pâte and Beau Loves

My primary goal for attending the show was to investigate whether or not it might be right for SO Awesome to exhibit in the future. As an introvert, I have a tendency to do a lot of research behind the scenes in my studio in Michigan. I couldn't find a lot about this show online (it seemed all very secret) so this was a great exploratory field trip.

I observed other exhibitors and booths, how they displayed their work. watched what they did right, what they could have improved upon.

My consensus, Playtime is a very nicely organized show, and perfect for showing Children's Wallet Cards. 

Some personal and business takeaways from the show.

Business notes:

  • Apply to exhibit at Playtime 2015 (both March and August)
  • A presence in both shows is essential to brand awareness and consistency
  • Invest in photography, lifestyle mainly
  • Invest in color and layered, multi substrate graphic displays

Personal notes:

  • Bring good walking shoes, and a wheeled suitcase
  • Brush up on common French phrases
  • Drink lots water
  • If I do exhibit, don't spend all my time staring into my computer, or if I must, put something friendly on the back of my laptop 

I had a lovely time investigating and exploring Playtime. I look forward to the application process for exhibiting in 2015, meeting new business owners, and planning a booth space for our cards.

I really do think they'd do well there and look forward to sharing them!