If you have a four year old in your family, chances are that he or she is a storyteller. Listen to your little one's stories. These conversations are telling you how your child can express thoughts, process information and construct new ideas. 

Your positive responses to these stories, ideas and conversations will encourage your child's development of thought, connections to experiences and lengthen your child's concentration. 

The GO! Cards are a great set of cards for introducing your child to world of storytelling. They are story-starters.

Each picture can begin as an adventure that you and your children can expand and develop into a personal tale. 

If you don't yet have a GO! deck, don't worry! You can print your own (lo-res) version here or you can order a real one here in our store

Talk with your children. Use interesting adjectives, specific verbs and nouns when you build these tales with them. 

If you're looking for something a bit more structured. We've created a printable resource sheet here for you and your child. 

Hunting for verbs is a companion activity for use with your GO! card deck. It was designed to introduce your child (age 4-7) to the use of verbs as a way to explain the action of the person pictured on the card. It will also help create a rich vocabulary base. 

Trim and fold the little tickets in half and place into a small dish. Lay out your GO! cards in three columns and leave a bit of space between the rows.

Talk with your children about what they see on the card. Read the card to them and ask them to listen for the action word that will tell you what the person in the picture is doing. Emphasis the verb. This is important.

Take action and match
Pick out a verb ticket and read the word out loud, for example say “balance”, then mimic the action verb yourself. Balance on your imaginary surfboard. Then have your child hunt for the coordinating action word. Place the little ticket under or beside the matching action card. Encourage your little one to mimic the action themselves.

Remember to do this together and to have fun! You may only be able to do five to ten of these with a younger child. Storytelling tangents are totally encouraged. Older children may be interested in other parts of speech and even creating their own tickets.

And we hope that your little storytellers enjoy this game as much as Silas and Owen do!

Download the “Hunting for verbs” pdf here.

This post was written by Contributor Lisa Camp, read her bio here. Pictures by Marie-Claire Camp, featuring Silas and Owen Camp.