Meet Contributor, Victor Sirotek. Victor is Marie-Claire’s husband of nine years, and Owen and Silas’ Papa. 

Victor works full-time as a Software Designer at Collective Idea in Holland, MI. He and Marie-Claire met in high school in Three Oaks, MI in 1996. 

He earned his BFA in Visual Communications at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI. Victor and Marie-Claire were married in 2005.

When he isn’t working he enjoys building robots and spaceships out of Legos, reading storybooks, and making pillow forts with Owen and Silas. After the boys go to bed he enjoys reading comic books, working on small side projects, and playing video games on Steam. So many games on Steam.

Victor will be writing about the challenges of being a dad and having to work full-time, and about kids and technology.