My name is Marie-Claire. I’m a Designer, a Momma, a wife, a daughter. I’m also the owner of SO Awesome. 

Our little business started after a fruitless search for learning materials for small children that were safe, nontoxic, durable yet enticing. We made our own materials, and they ended up more beautiful and amazing than we could have ever imagined. And they have a lot more uses than what we originally anticipated too.

My twin boys, Silas and Owen were the initial inspiration for our cards. As they grow, they continue to inspire new ideas for products and ideas. 

This blog is a venue for us to document our progress, collect our ideas and share them with you. There will also be giveaways, awards, reviews, play ideas, new product updates, and amusing stories from our lives. It should be a good time :-)


We’ll have contributors as well:

Lisa, my mom. She’ll be writing about Montessori, being a grandmother and will offer insight about creating a home that encourages grace, creativity and courtesy in your children. 

We’ll also have my husband, Victor, will be writing about being a Papa to Owen and Silas.

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Marie-Claire Camp

Photo credits: Michele Brautnick