December 2014 in pictures

This holiday season has been especially magical for Owen and Silas. They both performed in their first school holiday concert (at the local high school), they sat independently with Santa Claus, and Owen reached new level of fame with his striking resemblance to Ralphie from The Christmas Story movie.

In addition to making obscene wish lists for Santa Claus (read: LEGOS), we've also been busy giving. We've sorted out all the toys, books and games we've grown out and donated them to our local thrift shop, donated to Toys for Tots, and purchased Honeybees to be gifted to an anonymous family via Heifer International.

Silas said he wanted to give all of his savings to "babies who not getting presents this year". Owen added, "No, I kinda want to save my monies to get a Lego set. For me." 
They always keep it interesting!

Happy Holidays from Owen, Silas, Marie-Claire and Victor!