Owen and Silas got a big boy room.

So in September, I wrote about our imagining of Owen and Silas’ new big boy room. Victor and I were planning on waiting until Christmas to re-do and unveil it, but we were too impatient to get things rolling. 

We wanted to keep it a secret, so this past weekend, my mom and dad watched the boys for nearly two full days and Victor were finally able to empty out the office and clean it up.

And we did! Please forgive the dark nature of the photos. We put up the blackout curtains to keep things calm and cozy in there, which makes for dreadful pictures, but a lovely atmosphere for sleepy boys.

We bought a few things new, an area rug, a second mattress, some new lego organization boxes from Home Depot, fuzzy pillows, fleece blankets to keep them warm, and a few little small things to make the room cozy. The rainbow bunting/garland is from SCKM's cute shop on Etsy.

Other things we had already, the Teepee (from Land Of Nod which they don't sell anymore unfortunately), the lamps, the wire shelves, the big leaf (from IKEA). The vintage Michigan poster we were keeping in storage until the right time. 

The pictures on the wall are simple printouts from Flickr Creative Commons images, the frames are from Target

I think their favorite part is their book nook. We transformed the closet into a cozy little space to listen to music, read books, do puzzles and hide. 

Silas said, “It’s like it’s Christmas Momma. I love my new room.”

Owen said, “It’s really cozy and snuggly, but no I think I want to sleep in there all of the night though. I think I’m gonna go sneakin’ into your bed Momma.”  Then he got right to work rearranging his star wars guys, and trying out the bed.

I'm a little sad to see them grow up so much that they're in their own space, but it's time. Victor and I spent so much time making it special and cozy for them, so we're pleased that the boys want to be in there.

Silas has spent the last two entire nights in his new bed, like a champ. 

Owen still has reservations, and has indeed been "sneakin'" into our bed at night, but he's happy to fall back asleep in his new room again (with some cuddling).

Someday we'll all be sleeping through the night in our own beds, feeling loved, warm and safe.