Alphabet Resources

Our alphabet cards invite the child to talk about what they see and know. They offer enriching vocabulary opportunities for you and your child and ways to group cards by colors, character, action, etc.

Here are some other suggestions:

Activity list

Ages 0 - 3

Work with just a small number of cards, perhaps just "A" "B" and "C". or the letters in your child's name. Another fun activity is looking at the pictures on the cards together and talking about what's on each one.  

Ages 3 - 6

Pull out a small number of cards from the deck and go on a scavenger hunt for matching objects together. Not everyone has an astronaut in their house, but you may have a picture of one in a magazine or book!

You could also work on singing the alphabet together or flipping through the letter side of the card deck. Go slow! Say the sounds they make, not just their name. It's a letter "a" but it says ā, like "astronaut" or apple"

Ages 6 and up

Make stories together! Randomly take out three cards from the deck and create a sentence or short story from them. You got "A" "M" and "C"?  Okay, "The astronaut takes pictures of the moon with his camera." 

All ages

Sing the alphabet song!


Print out these pdfs on your home printer for matching activities or spelling out words together.