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Information about the developmental stages of the growing child

0 - 3 year olds 

Language development for infants and toddlers occurs as the adult labels or talks about what is happening in the moment, naming an object or person when the infant or toddler is focusing on it. These cards, along with the actual object, will support this learning in the younger child. Adults who point at the object of discussion or wait until the infant or toddler is looking at an object to talk about it ensures that the child will attach the language label to the correct object. Making these connections with your child will encourage communication and vocabulary development.

3 - 6 year olds 

Language development for toddlers and young children is happening all the time. Vocabulary rich experiences constantly offer upwards of 2100 words in an hour creating connections to objects, actions and ideas for the young child. The more you repeat these activities with your child, the more your child is able to connect with others and learn new things.

6 - 9 year olds 

Language development for these ages is more about reading, writing and telling stories about life experiences. Numbers and shapes become more meaningful and imagination is key to learning at this age. Opportunities to create games with numbers, words or symbols are important as well as working with a small group.




Resources for Child and Language Development and as Introduction to Montessori


Additional resources to supplement activities


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