Modern, durable, irresistible, wallet-sized cards for awesome kids!



Modern, durable, irresistible, wallet-sized cards for awesome kids!

Hi. We're so glad you're here. We make modern durable, irresistible, wallet-sized cards for awesome children.

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Why choose our cards?

Unlike cardboard stroller cards or flash cards that rip and dissolve in your child’s mouth, Children’s Wallet Cards are durable and safe. They’re sturdy! Click the picture to watch Owen and Silas attempting to bed and break them. 

NEW: Children's Emotion Wallet Cards

Introducing a new deck for developing social-emotional skilss, check them out in our store

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We have six sets of cards available, but did you know that each set has printable companion resources sheets? Check them out here. Cool!

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We're so pleased to be members of West Michigan's Chapter of Local First!

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We're based in Grand Rapids Michigan, but find out if you can shop local here.

Meet Lisa Camp, SO Awesome's Education Consultant


Meet Lisa Camp, Montessori educator, Grandmother and Marie-Claire Camp's Mom. She's our main Education Consultant, our very own personal Early Childhood Development expert. Every time we develop a new deck, every time we talk about activities for children, that's her voice!