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We've created five gorgeous, educational, nontoxic, extremely durable card sets designed for how kids play and work.

We know your kiddos will love 'em.

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Photo of MC, Owen and Silas
Photo of Silas with cards.

by a Michigan Mom!

Hi! This is Marie-Claire Camp, I invented (imagined, designed and produced) these beautiful, durable cards for my twin boys, Silas and Owen (they are the two boys in our logo and the inspiration for our company name too). They love cards (mainly the important cards like my credit, debit and driver's license) and were always stealing them from my wallet. So I made some beautiful, educational and durable, safe, non-toxic cards especially for them to play with.
I carefully and thoughtfully designed these cards to grow with our children, allowing them hands-on play with images, words and letter-shapes at all stages of learning — from teething to spelling out words. Each card is made from an amazingly durable, bio-degradable, non-toxic, kid-safe, food-safe plastic made in Franklin Park, IL. They are printed with non-toxic inks and coatings in Troy, MI.